Pegboard (Small & Medium) Screwdriver Holder & Wrench Holder Set


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  • 100% THICK METAL Pegboard Screwdriver Holder and Pegboard Wrench Holder set - 2 in 1 
  • MASSIVE SPACE SAVER: Store 3x more wrenches and screwdrivers on your board while using 3x less the space
  • Stylish MATTE BLACK pegboard accessories that transform your garage organization form 'handy' to 'WOW'
  • Store screwdrivers with a head of up to 1/3" and all wrenches
  • Choose MADD TOOLS for your pegboard - like tens of thousands of other handymen - and women in USA. 
PEGBOARD screwdriver holder
pegoard accessory

Customer Reviews

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Charles Whearty
Quality tool holder

Great product, excellent service

Hi Charles,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. We're thankful for amazing customers like you.

- James

Bent Prongs/Missing Screws (beware for other items)

On the Wrench Holder; be prepared for the prongs to be bent - and spending time trying to straighten them back out. Kit was missing screws (not able to put it together). Contacted Customer Support asking for screws. No response yet. Hopefully, C/S gets back to me (may have to go to local Big-Box to see if I'm able to find the small screws needed). For the bent prongs, using wood & small plastic mallet got them straighter. It holds wrenches.

Hello Ken,

thank you for your feedback. Please - allow us the opportunity to get back to you during a business day - since we have just passed the weekend.

I would like to inform you that I have sent you a replacement unit.

I'll be happy to assist with anything else you may need help with.

Kind regards,

High Quality, Space-Saver; doesn't fit every type

The screwdriver set is awesome for saving precious space on your pegboard. The metal is super durable and high-quality. The only limitation is the hole size. Some screwdriver tips won't fit. A compromise might be to drill larger holes or even to create an oval-size (vs round hole) to accommodate more sizes.
The wrench set is very similar in terms of quality and limitation. It saves a lot of space, but some thicker wrenches won't fit in the grooves.

Thank you so much for your kind words, MicahMc. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

- James

Xian J
Holds Wrenches Like A Boss

I'm a big fan of these. With so many options on the market I was hesitant to buy but I' glad I went with MADD TOOLS. I can carry them easily and without worry that any of my wrenches will fall out.

Nordin Marks
Superior Wrench Organizers

The design of these wrench organizers is far superior to most other types I have encountered for these reasons:

1. The handle is sturdy enough to hold the fully-loaded rack without problem when carrying.
2. The graduated size of the wrench slots works very well for typical sized sets.

This model works great!!!