1/4" Pegboard L Hook Set | 2.5'' Large | Extra Heavy Duty | 10 Pcs


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Pegboard hooks so thick, they never fall out of your board.

pegboard hooks

The large angled L hooks lock into 1/4" holed board & provide quick and easy organization. 

There are 10 hooks in one pack.

Hang anything up to 10Lbs with one hook. That's 10x as much as commercial 1/8" pegboard hooks.

Ideal for hanging anything, no matter the weight. Think off:

  • paint brushes
  • small rope
  • storage bags
  • ...

Not all pegboard hooks are created equal.

Note that the metal that goes into the board, like all of MADD TOOLS accessories, has a 1/4" diameter. It guarantees a tight fit and supports the heaviest material.

  • Attached with double pegs
  • Does not fall out of the board  
  • Works with 1/4" holed pegboard
  • Works with pegboard of every thickness
  • Corrosion resistant (chrome finish)
  • Use multiple for more storage
  • Comes with black rubber tip