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You're tooling hard. Whether you're cleaning up your garage, working on your motorbike or building a cabinet - having your essentials in hand reach is... well..  essential.   

The worst thing is having your hand covered in grease (the actual kind, not the elbow-kind) and then 'contaminating' all the other tools you're about to pick up. Or if you have better intentions, waste 6 minutes of your life trying to find something to clean your hands with.

You're stumbling into the kitchen, opening the doors with your right foot, while your spouse is giving you the awkward eye. 

Life could be easier. You could have a paper towel holder that you can attach to your pegboard. Something that would keep your paper towel in reach, and your hands clean, at all times. And to make things even better, something with an integrated shelf that you can put your can of oil on grease on. 

Our Towel Holder Features: 

  • HEAVY DUTY & FULL METAL pegboard attachment - The pegboard shelf can easily carry up to 50LBS. We don't like flimsy plastic stuff.

  • 3/16" - 1/4'' FIT - No one-size-fits-all. 10 Sturdy 3/16"' pegs to fit your pegboard snugly.

  • ONE-HAND OPERATION - The rod is fixed and doesn't rotate. Rip off a sheet of paper with one hand.  

  • FITS METAL AND WOODEN PEGBOARDS - includes spaces and screw system to fix to ANY pegboard. Paper towel roll not included. 

Get fully organised with the heavy duty, full metal 1/4'' pegboard towel holder by MADD TOOLS.

MADD TOOLS provides a heavy duty & stylish 2-in-1 pegboard towel holder and peg board shelf. The paper towel holder is big enough to hold all popular paper towel brands available, the pegboard shelf has a load capacity of over 50 pounds. That's more than enough to hold any spray cans, iron wire, heavy tools, screws, nuts and bolts you'd like to stack up there.

 The pegboard towel holder opens up from the front, so there are no problems in reloading paper towel because of pegboard attachments that are located next to the towel holder. Neither do the hooks and pegs on our device bend or break. Because the rod of the holder is 'fixed' and has good grip, you can rip off paper towel sheets using one hand.

Our pegboard spool holder is fully metal (No plastic!) and is powder coated in matte black. It weighs just over 3 pounds, so you can rest assured of is sturdiness.

It works on boards with all thicknesses - because we've added an optional spacer and optional screw system in the back to provide extra stability on thin pegboard.

Follow the 10.000+ Americans that choose MADD TOOLS for their pegboard needs. Get the strongest & sleekest paper towel holder out there. Simply click add to cart & - we'll hook you up. 

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Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 7.6 x 5.5 inches


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