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  • Good-lookin' pegboard tape measure holder with slot to store your  carpenter's triangle.
  • Big measuring tape slot to hold 25Ft MEASURE TAPE - not only the small ones!
  • HEAVY DUTY. 100% metal pegboard attachment - no plastic. 
  • DETACHABLE container to put on and off the workbench.
  • Fits any pegboard with 3/16" or 1/4" inch hole diameter.

Disorganization is a handy(wo)man's worst enemy. 

tape measure

1. Time wasted that could be spent on your project.

A daily challenge in the average workspace: Tools get scattered around. It takes 10-15 minutes to round up your tools and start your woodworking project.

Benjamin Franklin once said: 'For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.' 

When momentum is lost - progress gets delayed.




2. Tools without designated storage space get lost.

If you don't store it, you'll lose it.

57% of DIY'ers buy equipment that they had already previously purchased. They just can't remember where they've put it.

Having no designated storage space for your essentials will almost always result in one of more tools getting lost. Good tools don't come cheap - let's give them a home.


swanson tool

3. Your measuring tools deteriorate.

Your carpenter's square/triangle and measuring tape has measuring marks on it - engraved in the metal, or printed on the tape.

Lingering those tools around will over time either fade the print marks or depreciate the engraving.

Improperly stored tools are also more prone to damage because of falling, and because of impact from surrounding tools.



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