1/4" 6'' Pegboard Shelf Bracket Set | Extra Heavy Duty | 2 Pcs


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The 1/4" 4'' Pegboard Shelf Brackets lock into standard 1/4" holed board & provide a quick and easy way to build a shelf.

There are 2 shelf brackets (one pair) in one pack.  

Store up to 30Lbs on your shelf

All you need is a little piece of timber cut to your preferred size and you can start stacking equipment!

Note that the metal, like all of MADD TOOLS accessories, has a 0.22"-0.23" diameter. It guarantees a tight fit and supports the heaviest material.

  • Works with standard holed pegboard
  • Works with pegboard of every thickness
  • Corrosion resistant (chrome finish)
  • Use multiple for more storage