Which pegboard hooks for which tools? A quick Cheat Sheet.

Which pegboard hooks for which tools? A quick Cheat Sheet.

April 30, 2020

If you’ve visited the local Home Depot or the neighbourhood hardware store, you’ve noticed that pegboard hooks come in a gazillion shapes and sizes. In fact, it gets a bit overwhelming as to which hook you should use for which tool.

The thing I love most about pegboard is its versatility. You can move hooks around at any given time, decorate your pegboard and hang about anything from your board. There are no clear cut rules. That being said, there’s a few hooks that are more convenient to hang certain tools from, and other hooks that match better with different tools.



The 'Which-pegboard-hooks-for-which-tools' Cheat Sheet



J hook for pegboard

  1. Keys
  2. Wrenches 
  3. Pair of gloves with string
  4. anything that hangs from a small cord.
  5. Tip: hang binder clips from this hook 
    to hang whiteboard or paper sheets from.

j hook
  1. Hatchet
  2. Safety-glasses
  3. Paint brush
  4. Electrical tape
  5. Metal wire
  6. Grinder* (on two hooks)
pegboard L hook
  1. Monkey wrench
  2. Scraper
  3. Level (if there's a mounting hole in your level)
  1. Electrical tape (thick)
  2. Handsaw
  3. Spanner
  4. Axe*
  5. Hand drill* (on multiple hooks)
pegboard screwdriver holder
  1. Screwdriver
  2. Chisel
  3. Scissor
Pegboard plier holder
  1. Plier
  2. Snips
  3. Clippers
  4. Wire strippers / cutters
  1. Shovel* (on two hooks)
  2. Tenon saw
  3. Hacksaw* (on two hooks)
  4. Hatchet* (on two hooks)
long pegboard hook
  1. Earmuffs (multiple pairs)
  2. Shovel* (on two hooks)
  3. Tenon saw
  4. Hacksaw* (on two hooks)
  5. Hatchet* (on two hooks)
double peg hook
  1. Hammer(s)
  2. Trowel(s)
  3. Mallet(s)
  4. Cultivator(s)
  5. Rake(s)* 
Multi tool hook
  1. Set of screw drivers
  2. Set of files

*Important* Before you hang your tools: Not all hooks are created equal.

While the shape of pegboard hooks might be pretty consistent between manufacturers, it is important to note that not all hooks can bear the weight of heavy tools. 

Many hooks have a 1/8" thickness and are made of low quality steel or even plastic. Hanging heavy shovels or axes from these hooks will often cause them to bend or break. I recommend you to only use 1/4" steel pegboard hooks if you have standard 1/4" holed pegboard. Heavy duty stuff. 

pegboard accessoriesTo save you some time, we've assembled a 60 pieces set with different hooks that covers most DIY work spaces. It comes with three storage baskets as well. Exclusively 1/4" hooks and heavy duty pegboard accessories that are guaranteed to hold your heavy equipment. And - won't fall out of the board!


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James from MADD TOOLS