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The case for manhood and pegboard towel holders during Covid-19

April 30, 2020

If there's one lesson the coronavirus pandemic has taught us today, is that no excuse is strong enough to keep us from doing what we have postponed. Things we desire, activities we love, home tasks we would do “if we only had time”…

But now that hour has come on Saturday morning during furlough, kids screaming all around the house, your woman mumbles some complaints while the sound of pots and running tap water fills the kitchen, and you are still there laying on that sofa. TV on, head tilting down to your phone while hopelessly hypnotized, but a thought, striking fast as a thunderbolt, comes at the rescue of the warrior, bread-provider, fixer of all troubles that you truly are.

“For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught” goes the lyric of one the greatest self-reassurance melodies of history after Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man... And as you rise from that divan in a Thus-Spoke-Zarathustra trance, you run to that pegboard on your… basement? garage? kids room? grannys craft room? ol’man workshop? You hon’s consulting room?

And there you see it! The proper place for a solution to bring order, cleanliness and extra space for those cans and bottles unaesthetically piled up in that corner no-one has cared to clear ever before:

Our Pegboard Paper Towel Holder with Shelf!

pegboard paper towel holder

“Happy wife, happy life” says the motto, but it could be easily transferred to the idea of making your mom proud or be your son’s hero (whether the beneficiary of this gadget is your mother or your offspring)… But what can you (or anybody) do with this accessory on a pegboard? Let’s see:

What is this pegboard paper towel holder used for?

    • If you’re constantly going in and out of any workroom, this holder with shelf is great to have your antibacterial gel handy (pretty useful during these times), as well as paper or wet towels at your easy disposal.
    • Is your man cave, or wifey’s retreat, a sanctuary for body building? Besides holding your bars on hooks, or keeping any light weights and dumbbells in place, your pegboard might be complete with this sturdy shelf in which you can also place a cloth towel or even fruits or water bottles while working out.
    • We bet you still have those auto lubricants, wax and oil cans cluttered in some plastic bag deep in the cabinet where any reach attemp gets eaten the same way light is absorbed by a black hole. Haven’t you? Well, this shelf will aid you keep the spirit high and not lose the inspiration needed to start polishing your car when the mood comes in.

    • You still don’t feel the allure? Hmm, you’ll remember us when you think of fixing your boat’s motor, or compost your garden, and need that paper towel holder near to get your hands clean…

So, if you are convinced, visit this link for more features on this cool and versatile accessory that can carry up to 50 lbs, designed with some of the ‘80s nostalgia for sleek matte black metal…

If you have any other doubt, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you! And if you couldn’t care less: well, we'll get you hooked some other time.

Have a great weekend! Oh, by the way... Have you downloaded our free eBook yet? It's full of handy, space-saving pegboard tips. And it's free to download for our readers.



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