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The Best Pegboard Hooks For Tools - Top rated Pegboard Hooks in 2020

July 21, 2020

You've probably bought pegboard hooks in the past.

You might have been disappointed with the flimsiness of that cheap set bought on Amazon, and you may have found that Home Depot pegboard hooks fall out of your board whenever you take out a tool.

So now, you're motivated to find those heavy duty pegboard hooks that actually work for you.

Who makes the best pegboard hooks?

Admittedly, we might be a tiny bit biased. But we genuinely believe that Madd Tools sells the very best 1/4" pegboard hooks. The best pegboard hooks for tools, the best pegboard hooks for nerf guns and the best pegboard hooks for guns.

We're not the only ones that say this. In fact, Madd Tools' pegboard hooks are some of the highest rated pegboard hook sets on Amazon.

pegboard hook set

What makes them so superior is the thickness and build quality. Because of this thickness, the hooks guarantee a snug fit in the pegboard.

Most other pegboard hooks on the market are cheap and flimsy. It's because of this small diameter that they often fall out of the board when you take out a tool. 

The absolute worst pegboard hooks are the ones that don't have a supporting peg. 

best pegboard hooks


In the image above you can see how a heavy duty pegboard hook of Madd Tools compares to the average flimsy hook on the market. 

Read this article to understand why the thickness of the hook is super relevant to your 'garage organization-frustration level'.  

It goes without saying that Madd Tools pegboard hooks are made out of 100% metal. That puts them miles apart from competitors who offer plastic counterparts.

We actually did multiple weight test and found that any Madd Tools hook could actually carry 50-75LBS without significantly bending or breaking.

That's right - as many happy customers have testified - it's likely that your board will give out before any of these hooks do.

strongest pegboard hooks

Best place to buy pegboard hooks

Although Madd Tools hooks can be bought in kits on platforms such as Amazon and eBay, the best place to buy these heavy pegboard hooks is Madd Tools' website:

The website offers a wide range of hooks that can be combined according to your wishes. 

There's also free shipping within USA for orders of $40 and over.



Best pegboard hooks for nerf guns?

Nerf guns exist in all shapes and sizes - so you're best served with longer hooks. Small L hooks for example wont be able to support the full depth of the gun against a pegboard wall.

We recommend the 4" pegboard hook.


Best pegboard hooks for wrenches?

As there's different types of wrenches 🔧, there's different types of hooks to accomodate these wrenches. 

  • If you want to store the most common open-end wrenches, I recommend you to fit each wrench horizontally on two smaller J hooks.

  • A more space-efficient way to store those wrenches, however, is this wrench set holder by Madd Tools.

pegboard wrench holder

  • Storing combination wrenches is easier since one side of the tool is a full circle. This makes it super easy to hang on just one pegboard hook. Again, I'd recommend the same J hook.

  • If you're confused on how to store your adjustable wrench, I recommend using a plier holder. 

    Plier Holders are a great option for pegboard attachments. These pegboard hooks are shaped like an elongated U. The prongs easily attach to a pegboard like your other 1/4" pegboard hooks, with the U sticking out. You can then easily drop the adjustable wrench in the hook.

Get Your Garage in Order

It's time to get your garage organization project off the ground, and the best way to do that is to get your tools and everyday items off the ground, too.

Pegboards with the right pegboard hooks and pegboard accessories is the best way to start your garage organization project.

And Madd Tools is the best company for all your pegboard needs. Check out our products today that can help vault your garage organization project forward.

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