Metal pegboard... Is it worth the upgrade?

Metal pegboard... Is it worth the upgrade?

December 23, 2019

Many people are switching over to metal pegboard over the last couple of years. 

As you know, classic pegboard is made out of medium-density fibreboard. Up to a few years ago, that's all you saw in garages and work shops. 

I've had both - and in order to pick one over the other you have to take a few factors into consideration.

Make the right move

Pros & cons

Here's a few pros of metal board:

  • Metal pegboard is extremely strong and overall more durable than MDF.
  • Holes of metal pegboard can't 'widen'. With MDF, holes can tear over time/get bigger - making your hooks more likely to fall out.
  • Moisture cannot warp metal board - unlike MDF.


And here's the cons:

  • In general, metal pegboard is up to 4x more expensive than MDF. A 32in x 16in metal pegboard can easily set you back 30 bucks. For twice that same price, you can fill a small wall with MDF board.
  • Metal board is strong - but could very well pull off its mount, given too much weight. Metal pegboard does a great job when installed in small strips, opposed to large sheets. This can make the installation process a bit more tedious.
  • Metal can rust. Although, quality metal board usually has a zinc or chrome plating finish that prevents this.
  • Most pegboard accessories are not adapted to the thickness of metal board.

This last issue is often overlooked.

Most pegboard accessories are made for classic MDF hardboard and NOT for metal pegboard. What's the difference? Well...

Classic hardboard is MUCH thicker than metal. It often has a thickness of 1/4'' opposed to metal pegboard, that comes with a 0.003" thickness!

 As a result - pegboard attachments have a 1/4" 'gap' to grasp into of the board. 

Sure, you can also hang these attachments on metal pegboards. BUT - since the gap is much bigger than the metal board's thickness, they will hang slanted, slightly downwards.  

It's not a huge deal breaker for most - but it's far from perfect. 

If you experience that problem, I suggest cutting a little spacer, just under 1/4" and fitting it on the back of your metal board where you're hooking in the accessory.

(MADD TOOLS accessories come with this small spacer included)


So which type of pegboard is right for you?

I'd go for metal pegboard if:

  • You're planning on hanging heavier equipment
  • Your workspace has a higher humidity level
  • You've got a higher budget to spend on your garage organisation

 Hope this helps!

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James from MADD TOOLS