3D-print your pegboard accessories. Here's 5 free designs that'll make you 'wow'!

3D-print your pegboard accessories. Here's 5 free designs that'll make you 'wow'!

December 11, 2019

I remember when I got my first 3D printer. Oh boy. The feeling of being able to create anything on demand. Gotta love technology!

I soon found myself printing silly wall decoration, beer mats and miniature garden gnomes. Sure, there has to be a better use for this, right!?

Some guy at work was always flaunting his 3D creations. In all honesty - he came up with some cool things. I asked him once what his secret was. He replied to me - as if he was 3D-Print-Jedi talking to one of his lower-level recruits - 'Thingiverse dot com.'

I did a google search and found the holy grail. Hundreds of thousands of 3D models, of every niche imaginable. Ready to be downloaded with one click of a mouse and printed with another. 

Let me show you the 5 coolest designs I found on thingiverse.com that you can hang on your pegboard today. All credit goes to the respective 3D-model designer.


1. Pegboard Drill Bit Holder


This clever design keeps the drill bits out of your tool box, and in an arms reach. I also love that the holes are slightly slanted, so the drill bits are pointing upwards for more convenience. 

These are designed for pegboard with 1/4'' holes. 

Download it for free here.


2. Pegboard Screwdriver Holder

Hold up to 22 screwdrivers of various sizes with this 3D-printed screwdriver holder.

I particularly like that the screwdrivers against the board are positioned higher than the ones in the front. This allows for an easier reach.

I also like the 'funnel' design. Not all screwdrivers have similar sized handles. The funnel designs guarantees a sturdy fit for almost all screwdrivers.

Download it for free here.


3. Pegboard Tape Holder

pegboard spool holder

Simple but effective way to store tape without using too much space on your board. The sides brackets are 3D printed. The 4 rods can be any metal, wooden or PVC pipes.

Download it for free here.

However - If you want something really really, really cool to hold tape, spool or a paper towel, have a look at this paper towel holder by MADD TOOLS.


4. Pegboard Power Strip Mount


10/10 for convenience. I hate having to bend down, unplug a tool, light up on the socket in the corner of my garage just to plug in one of my power tools. But maybe I'm just lazy. Either way, this is a nice little addition to anyone's pegboard.

Download it for free here.


5. Pegboard Beer Holder

pegboard beer holder

Designed for board with 1/4'' holes. You'll love this one for obvious reasons. 

Download it for free here.


For the full directory, search for 'pegboard' on thingiverse, or click here.


If you haven't already, you can download our eBook with more pegboard tips & tricks here.